Architecture - 3D as standard

 ​​KPD design and draw plans for any type of building, residential and commercial. We work extremely close with our clients, the local council and builders. All of this ensuring the plans are exactly what the client wants and they pass all regulations. The drawings we produce are of a standard for planning permission, building regulations and can be used by a builder to work to. We see the plans all the way through the planning applications and building regulations. Our clients have minimal hassle. 


Project Management

 Projects at KPD can really be anything and everything, all managed with a strict project plan which is put together by scrutinising every detail of a project. We can also manage our own work so there is the least amount of stress on our clients. KPD's project team is hands on and in constant communication with everyone involved in a project. Our attention to detail and organisation skills is what allows projects we manage to work so well. 


Interior Design

 ​Designers at KPD are thorough and thoughtful when dealing with clients. Designers get to know the clients and understand what they like, need and can afford. We understand the importance of loving where you live which is why we work so closely with clients to ensure they feel at home, in their home. Designers produce drawings and sketches as well as personalised idea books and shopping lists.